We’ve helped literally tens of thousands of people obtain an Injunction, and clients continually choose us over the competition. This is because we promise to make the Injunction Application process:

  • Quick
  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Stress-free

… and we deliver on this promise time and time again.

High Profile

The reputation and trust we enjoy means that Injunction Direct has become the most recognised online Injunction company in the UK.


Another reason Injunction Direct is so trusted is because of the unbeatable reassurance we give to our customers:

  • Site Safety
    To ensure that your online safety is 100% guaranteed, Injunction Direct employs a dedicated network security officer. No other Injunction provider goes to these lengths to ensure your online buying experience will be 100% safe.

  • Industry-Leading Guarantee
    Further reassurance is afforded by our industry-leading guarantee. All Injunction Direct products are covered by our 30 day 'No Quibble' Money Back Promise, available to any customer who can find a service that measures up to ours.

Injunction Direct UK is the only Injunction provider able to make the above statements because no-one else has worked so hard in establishing itself as the most trusted name in online Injunction Orders.