Currently, 99.7% of our customers say they are 'Very Satisfied' with our service.

Prompt and excellent service.
James Sykes, London - July 2010

I cannot wite anything until i see the end results
Sheila Bonnick, London - March 2010

When it is delivered I will gladly provide a testimonial
Sean Brian, Blackpool - March 2010

I needed support, clarity and understanding for a very stressful situation.\r\n\r\nInjunction Direct gave me all of these and helped me to begin solving my problem.\r\n\r\nThankyou
Terry Nelson, Liverpool - February 2010

Very friendly and helpful staff excellent website
Andrea Price, Dudley, West Midlands - February 2010

Rob Leishman, Warrington - January 2010

Great fast service - Many Thanks
Mark Reeves, Kingston-upon-Tharnes, Surrey - January 2010

Very helpful service and did not make me feel afraid or awkward in asking questions.
Anne-Marie Monk, Cambridge - December 2009

Rupert Taylor, Brighton - November 2009

Very friendly and easy to use application
Alexzandra Melia + Christopher Richard M, Ipswich - November 2009

I am happy with the service I received, so far.
Barrington Maddix, Southend-on-Sea - October 2009

This is very very easy, and very very cost effective when compared to the usual cost of a solicitor. It is actually great stuff. 100% approval.
Nataliya Jefferies, Brighton - October 2009

Ask me later!
Mark Wallis, Slough - September 2009

Sam was very very helpful and advised me of the process very clearly
Gary Rogerson, Bristol - August 2009

In the future
Jennifer Stewart, Colohester - August 2009

Despite the circumstances for my using the service i found the help of my advisor very supportive adn calming, the information has been very clear and i am happy to have followed this path as your assistance has been invaluable
Adam James Frankel, Brighton - August 2009

The whole experience has been made easy, by a very understanding phone call which was very supportive in every way possible - thank you to Sam.
Joanne Borowski, Newcastle-upon-Tyne - August 2009

Mrs Clare Williams, Derby - August 2009

Outstanding in every respect. Understanding and professional service. Sound advice provided and action taken within a short time in support of claim. Highly recommended.\r\n
Gary Day-Davies, Manchester - July 2009

I spoke to a very nice member of staff who was very understanding and patient when I explained my constant problems with our \"Neighbours from Hell\". I never knew this company existed and found it by accident. I am confident that with their help a lot of my problems with this awful family will now disappear.\r\n
Mrs Carol Pearson, Plymouth - June 2009

Thank you Sam - a calming influence under such personal & professional circumstances is just what I needed. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel secure knowing that the injunction will serve its purpose.
Peter Cowing, Milton Keynes - June 2009

The response was speedy like lightning. I am very grateful with the helpful service. It has enlighten me.
Lydia Cici, Shrewsbury - May 2009

Very helpful sevice
Kai Herbert, London - May 2009

Very helpfull staff, full of essential information at a time you need it most,
Patricia Mary Duncan, Chelmsford - May 2009

An extremely helpful and professional service
Alison Knight, Bristol - April 2009

Efficient - fast - economical
Gabriele Neroni - March 2009

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable.... They\'ve really helped me out!
Catherine Sherry Cox - March 2009

From my initial contact with the company i found the staff most helpful and understanding. They talked me through the various options available to me and answered all my questions. Filling the form out on line was straight forward and i felt a weight lifted knowing i had professional people helping me at such a stressful time.
Helen Rossington, Northampton - March 2009

We have spoke to lisa who was very understanding professional and very helpful , guiding us through all we needed to do.
Gary Jarman/Sandra French, Peterborough - March 2009

I think the service so far is very helpful. Especially the personal touch with a phone call
Kathy Mctasney, London - March 2009

Just wanted to say thank you for helping me understand the procedures and explaining everything to me. Everyone I spoke to was extremely helpful
Shabana Islam, London - February 2009

You\'ve saved my life and taken away all my worries. Thanks
Natalie Dawson, Dartford - January 2009

So far it has been comforting knowing I am going to get full help this this injunction order. The girls on the phone have been most helpful and I know I am in safe hands.
Loraine Bicknell, Guldford, Surrey - November 2008

Very pleased with the initial and follow up contact - would recommend to others
Janet Wills - November 2008

“I found the site easy to use.”
Neil Murphy, Birmingham - October 2008

“I decided to obtain a non-molestation order after finally finding the courage to leave my abusive husband. I would recommend Injunction-Direct to anybody.”
Claire Wilkinson, Exeter - October 2008

“Although the process has only just begun, I have felt very reassured by the straightforward and undramatic language used within this site.”
Zachary Luke Gallagher, Leicester - October 2008

“This service made the process of obtaining an Injunction really straight forward. I would recommend this service to anyone.”
Jason Kenneally, Leeds - October 2008

“My ex boyfriend could not accept that our relationship was over, after 3 months of harassment and phone calls, I eventually decided to take out an Injunction. Ever since, I have been able to get on with my life and have settled down with a new partner. I cannot thank you enough!”
Jane Elliot, Southampton - October 2008

“I came to Injunction Direct after new neighbours moved in causing endless stress and anxiety with their constant partying and verbal abuse. A fantastic service with professional advisers who have been supportive throughout.”
Paul Williams, Cardiff - October 2008

“What an exceptional and clear first step.”
Jeremy Colledge, London - October 2008

“Great service, really easy to complete, fingers crossed for the final outcome!!! Thank You!!!”
Kelly Turner, Plymouth - October 2008

“Very quick and easy. Excellent website which is intuitive to use. I would recommend your service, although I hope my friends don’t need to of course.”
Andrew Phillips, Sheffield - October 2008

“Very good service. Highly recommended.”
Godwin Kwaku Osiwo, Slough - October 2008

“Excellent and easy to use! Well done.”
Jonathan Foy, Medway - October 2008

“Easy and quick forms, friendly phone support.”
Pauline Sandford-Smith, Bournemouth - October 2008

“A quick response via e-mail keeps you up to date with all the changes you have to make and mistakes you might have made while filling in the forms is a great help in moving the Injunction along.”
David Owen, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - October 2008

“Excellent simple to use service, well presented and supporting.”
Gavin David Rawson, Sheffield - October 2008

“Extremely easy to use, with simple questions which were so very easy to answer. Recommended to me, and I would recommend to anyone else who needs to instigate Injunction proceedings.”
Margaret Ellen Edwards, Milton Keynes - October 2008

“Such a helpful service, really provides peace of mind.”
Paul Walmsley, Hull - October 2008

“Fast, easy to use forms, fast response to emails.”
Nigel Fairhead, Norwich - October 2008

“This site and the people behind it have been extremely helpful and have taken away any stress and worries I had about the whole Injunction procedure – Thanks!”
Piers Harbour, Medway - October 2008

“Excellent Service and so easy to use.”
Chris Mackie, London - October 2008

“For someone like me who was born tone deaf, with limited reading and writing skills, it has given me the power to do something I would not have normally be able to do without a great deal of help!”
Terry James Barnes, Ipswich - October 2008

“Very easy form filling, quick and painless, even though the issue of Injunction is a serious matter, this site takes away some of the stress involved.”
Martin Leigh Griffiths, Swansea - October 2008

“Service was very quick and easy to understand.”
Anthony R Kay, Twickenham - October 2008

“Easy to use and very quick.”
Paul Baines, Liverpool - October 2008

“I have had to correct my forms a few times and Injunction-Direct have been extremely understanding and have never charged me any additional admin fees. That was really appreciated under the circumstances. A very helpful company that I would recommend to anyone.”
Nick Oliver, Brighton - October 2008

“This is an amazingly easy site to use and there is no limit on the length of time you can join, giving the opportunity for you to take a break from proceedings if you wish. Great value for money and stress free at a very stressful time.”
Linda Huggins, Linda Huggins - October 2008

“I found the on-line system extremely useful and helpful, particularly since I am living overseas.”
Stephen Charles Clarke - October 2008

“Every stage has been easy and communication excellent. Thank you.”
Anne Scott, Sheffield - October 2008

“I found the forms very easy to understand and fill in. I would recommend your service to anyone.”
Norman James Hammond, Northampton - October 2008

“Never thought it would be so easy. Many, Many Thanks.”
Mr Philip John Arthur Chester, Bath - October 2008

“Easy to use and pain free.”
Garry Hind, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - October 2008

Wilma Willie Ogo, Watford - October 2008

“It was very easy to understand and fill in.”
Mr And Mrs T Lewis, Preston - October 2008

“There is a lot of emotion surrounding taking out an Injunction against someone you once or still cared about. The last thing you need is going into an office and explaining this information to strangers, whilst you are in tears. The on-line service just eases some of that emotional turmoil and still protects both parties.”
Tracey Adele Horrigan, Leeds - September 2008

“Brilliant service, takes away all the legal jargon.”
Stephen John Harding, Crewe - September 2008

“Very good service geared towards the busy lifestyle of many of it’s clients.”
James Byrne, Birmingham - September 2008

“So easy to use, the last thing you need with so many things going on is over-complication and legal jargon.”
Glenn Terence Stewart, London - September 2008

“Very quick and easy to fill in forms. Simple, easy to understand way to pay and then fill in details. Excellent, thank you very much!”
Rachel Lousie Bennett, Medway - September 2008

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