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Daily Mail

The Times

A couple who live next to an illegal travellers' camp have told of their terror after allegedly suffering more than 230 attacks in four years - and even having a beheaded squirrel left on their drive.

David and Jill Walsh believed they had found their "little bit of heaven" when they moved into their new house.

But their lives became hell after a band of Irish travellers arrived two years later and built an illegal camp next door to the property at Wickford in Essex...

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By ANDREW LEVY, Daily Mail


The Independent

Former boy band singer given 56 days in prison

The former East 17 singer Brian Harvey was jailed for 56 days yesterday after breaching an injunction taken out by his estranged wife. Harvey, 27, from Walthamstow, east London, was jailed at the Royal Courts of Justice.

The star was arrested on Thursday after attending Loughton police station in Essex by appointment for breaking the non-molestation order taken out by his estranged wife, Natasha Goldman, 25.

The order was made after a fierce row at the estranged couple's former home last year in which the police were called...

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By Jonathan Brown, The Independent

The Sun

The Sun

It's war on wife-beaters

WIFE-BEATERS who breach court orders will get a criminal record in a domestic violence crackdown, it was revealed yesterday. Home Secretary David Blunkett will beef up laws to stop the thugs escaping justice. They will now face jail for breaching orders which ban them from abusing or harassing their partners again. Breaching the order is currently not a criminal offence. At present an injunction has to be brought before they face the threat of a prison sentence. That will no longer be necessary under the new laws. Mr Blunkett will close the loophole on non-molestation and occupation orders with the first changes in domestic violence law for 30 years. A Government insider said: “Women need protection. They need to feel the law of the land is there to ensure they have peace and security.“There are major loopholes that are exploited by brutish men all the time. That must stop.”

Non-molestation orders are issued in the majority of domestic violence cases...

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By GEORGE PASCOE-WATSON, Deputy Political Editor, The Independent

Daily Express

Daily Express


LIFE for residents in a tranquil village turned into a living hell when a troublemaker who lived at Fairytale Cottage ran a bizarre poison pen campaign, a court heard yesterday.
Graham Speed allegedly bom barded his victims – who ranged from neighbours to complete strangers – with faxes, internet messages and videos.

Among them were a gynaecologist whom he accused of fathering a love child and an RAF man he branded a sex pest, a magistrate was told.

Jobless, twice-married Speed, 51, took photographs of a large number of villagers, some of them covertly. They included police community support officer Sarah Lingard and her partner Tanya Brumpton...

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By Martin Stote

The Times

The Times

Prefect wins a court order to stop bullying

A GIRL who became the victim of a hate campaign has won a landmark court order against pupils who made her life a misery.

The anti-bullying interdict, or non-molestation order, is thought to be the first of its kind in Britain granted against a named group of pupils. Four girls have been told to stay away from Jenny Soutar, 17, and warned that if they verbally abuse her or make gestures at her they would be committing an offence.

Miss Soutar, a prefect and sixth-former at Blairgowrie High School in Perthshire, went to court last week after eight months of abuse at school from a gang of younger girls. She believes that the trouble started after a shopkeeper asked her the age of a pupil trying to buy cigarettes, and Miss Soutar felt unable to lie that the girl was 16.

She was threatened, verbally abused and pushed about in the playground and school corridors. Matters came to a head when she was allegedly assaulted by one of the gang in front of Bill Kirkpatrick, the head teacher, in his office...

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By Shirley English

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