At Injunction Direct, we don't rely on 'trained legal assistants' or 'paralegals'. We understand the importance of a good lawyer's training and experience. That's why we employ a team of highly experienced lawyers to check our documentation for us.

No other online Injunction provider offers this service and that's a fact because no other online Injunction provider offers a comparable quality or value-for-money service backed by a team of qualified lawyers.

Meet Our Team of Lawyers

Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas LLB

Peter is a member of the Law Society and has over 11 years experience in Civil Law. Over the years Peter has also gained an enormous amount of experience in complex Injunctions, including overseas cases, issues over service, and defending cases through cross petitions. Other areas of law in which he has specialised includes Financial Applications within Injunctions and issues relating to the custody of children. Peter was one of the very first UK lawyers to deal with Injunction cases through the medium of the internet. He therefore probably has more experience of providing a comprehensive and professional service over the Internet than any other Civil Law expert in the country. Peter has been used by BSKYB television for his expert knowledge of Family Law to explain complicated legal issues to the public.

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